A Full house

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Aug 082011

The past five days were filled with fun. I can never forget the activity in my house. Sleeping with Shruti nani or giggling with Kimi and listening to Sid rave about Moshi Monsters, and reading Niki nani’s med books. Being with my cousins for a week is an experience that I would love to go through again. The day after they came adventure began with a visit to the temple then to Woodlands and finally Ft.Lauderdale beach and followed with a fight of what to eat. I wanted ice cream after the beach and mom and mai thought cheesecake was better. In the end we ate at Subway and then Baskin and Robins, Kimi and I loved the icing on the cake flavor.Kunna uncle bought a Butter Pecan tub for home. The next day we went to Miami Sequarium. We watched the pirate highwire show and got drenched by Lolita the whale.We also saw other shows. Later we ate at Sweet Tomatoes are cousins could not stop eating. Sweet Tomatoes is a salad buffet then soup and bakery and has pasta. And of course desert. Afterwards I made it a point to take them to the Harry Potter 7 part 2 movie. We saw the show that night and in 3D. Kimi and I could not stop laughing in the silent movie theater. The next was Mai and Kunna uncle’s last day. The kids would stay back for a day more. We went to Keylargo. We went to two different beaches and went para sailing. It was amazing. The next day we dropped my aunt and uncle off and then went to Rapids water park. We had the best time ever. You have to see it to believe it. Those were the best days ever we really miss them and love them a lot.


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Mar 202011

Holi is an Indian festival of colors. You throw colors at each other, and eat good food!